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Is your content vulnerable?

Vision Media protects your videos 24/7

Global piracy is responsible for up to 24% in lost revenue across the media and entertainment space. Do you have the proper protection in place?

Download this eBook to see how your security stacks up and learn more about how secure screening technology can help you safeguard your video streams.

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See if your content is protected with always-on security


High-value film and TV content are vulnerable, both before and after the release date.

Session-based forensic watermarking can deter unauthorized distribution and provide for a level of accountability for anyone with access to that content, at any point in its lifecycle.

Download this eBook to see how your current video security ranks. The Vision Media-NAGRA collaborative solution, embraced by clients such as The Hollywood Reporter, wraps that technology within a framework of trusted business services.


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Studios and other production companies engage us for the high-touch professional security and services we offer across the board, and for the advantage of having a single vendor who can handle their assets in any number of scenarios. Give us one file and it gets distributed everywhere safely and securely.
Michael Holmes, Chief Growth Officer, Vision Media
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