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A conversation with Vision Media & NAGRA

NAGRA's Ken Gerstein recently interviewed Jason Deadrich (Chief Technology Officer) and Michael Holmes (Chief Growth Officer) of Vision Media, discussing a variety of topics - from the importance of "Always-On Security" to the strong partnership between both companies. 

"The success that we've generated secure screening in the award space has bled through to being a traditional publicity source for the studios. The ability to have an application that can provide pre-release content, not just to Awards voters, but throughout the year really changed the game. Content owners can reach people from a compliance perspective or general publicity perspective for new releases, in many cases reaching individuals who may need to see pre-release content in advance of it going live"
- Michael Holmes, Chief Growth Officer, Vision Media

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High-value film and TV content are vulnerable, both before and after its release date.

Session-based forensic watermarking can deter unauthorized distribution and provide for a level of accountability for anyone with access to that content, at any point in its lifecycle.

To learn more about Vision Media's partnership with NAGRA and the ways in which Vision Media helps you protect vulnerable content with its best-in-class security features, get the free Always On Security eBook.

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