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Screener Usage 2022: AWARDS WHITEPAPER

Metrics, Usage and Features of the Vision Media Screener Platform

Vision Media's secure screening solution, Screener Passport, supported an industry navigating the unique challenges of the pandemic over the past few years. Vision Media’s streaming solution was highly sought out due to its flexibility, unmatched security features, and ability to offer high-end viewing experience across all leading viewing applications. Download this report to review the growth and usage of the Vision Media's platform for awards outreach.

Download now to see:

  • Growth in studio participation on the platform
  • Change in number of awards titles shared 
  • Most popular security features utilized
  • Viewing platform preferences
  • and more

Vision Media’s deep commitment to providing the safe distribution and storage of digital content has continued to make it a first choice for entertainment leaders.

Learn more about secure screening and awards support with powerful tools from our VMX Suite.

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Get the Screener Usage 2022: Awards Whitepaper

"As other studios and distributors looked to streamline their awards efforts and outreach, many turned to Vision Media to reach key voting groups at scale through a secure and efficient screening platform."

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